Character Creation

Japan Natives

If you create a character who is a native to Japan, he or she must be human and be a member of one of the Clans listed here. Being a native of Japan gives a +5 circumstance bonus to Knowledge (local), Knowledge (religion), Knowledge (nobility) and Knowledge (geography) on knowledge checks pertaining to Japanese subjects. However, they take a -5 on checks for Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (planes) and Knowledge (dungeoneering) for their lack of experience in Golaran. In addition, Japanese clerics must worship one of the Gods listed here. All Japanese characters treat Eastern Weapons in the Pathfinder SRD as martial weapons.


Playing a character foreign to Japan must pick a backstory for why they chose (or were chosen) to immigrate to the island nation. Any race in the Pathfinder SRD is eligible. Outsiders can worship any god they choose. Outsider characters do not get to use eastern weapons as martial weapons, and must take a feat to wield them proficiently.

Character Creation

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