In the Onin war in feudal Japan, the Ashikaga shogunate was brought down by a small conflict over succession between the Hosokawa clan and Ahikaga’s supporters. Eventually the conflict grew until all the semi-autonomous warlords of Japan, known as “daimyo” were fighting on one side or another to get a chance to pick the next shogun. As Hosokawa Katsumoto breached Kyoto and moved to claim the palace, Yamaza Sozen aka The Red Monk triggered a huge magical explosion that blew the city apart and warped all of Japan through time and space and into another world.

Thirty years later and the Oda, Toyotomi, and Tokugawa clans keep an uneasy peace. Forming a triumvirate in the new capital of Edo their combined forces are strong enough to prevent their rivals from capturing the capital, but they have little influence outside of Tokai.

Other, more sweeping changes are occurring all over the island nation. The komi of Japan had been silent for millennia, but now they have been awoken by the cataclysm and the lost art of magic has been revitalized. The inhabitants of this world, which they call “Galoran”, have sent envoys and trading ships to Japan. Left without much choice but try and adapt and evolve in their new home, the triumvirate have reluctantly allowed small numbers of immigrants to Japan as merchants, blacksmiths, tradesmen, and magic instructors. Emigration from the island however is strictly forbidden.

The greatest mystery now is what lies within Kyoto. Even three decades later the city remains surrounded by a magical fog, with an ominous dark cloud hanging over it. The triumvirate has forbidden entry under pain of death, and patrols constantly scour the countryside for anyone foolish enough to approach the city.


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